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Il Gelato Di Lialina: Gelato & Ice Cream Are Not the Same Thing

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Even though Gelato is the Italian word for “ice cream”, there is a difference between the two. Gelato is denser than ice cream, since it is churned (moved around vigorously) at a slower speed. There is more milk, less cream and eggs (or no eggs) in Gelato. It is also silkier and softer than ice cream, since it is served at a slightly higher temperature.

Dark Chocolate - Il Gelato

It is believed that Ancient Egyptians were the first to inspire the creation of Gelato and that the word Sorbet is derived from the Arabic word “Sharbat”. The Pharaohs used to offer their guests cups with snow and fruit juices, while it was the Arabs who taught the Italians how to combine syrups and snow.

Il Gelato - Abu Tig Marina

Il Gelato Di Lialina is a shop owned by an Italian woman. Offering homemade gelato, which is produced daily. Sorbets and fruit ice creams are made with fresh fruits. All ingredients (except sugar, milk and water) are imported from Italy. You can also find frozen yogurt and Gelatisserie products (pastries with Gelato).

We have visited the best Gelateria in the world (Gelateria La Carraia, Florence) and many other great places all over Italy. Il Gelato Di Lialina makes great Gelato, which is up to the Italian standard. It might not be the best we have tried, but it is definitely one of the best in Egypt.

Limone - Il Gelato

After eating at any restaurant in El Gouna, we must always stop by the shop to grab a Gelato, Sorbet or Frozen Yoghurt and have a walk to help us digest. A scoop costs 30 EGP and you can get it in a wafer cup, plastic cup or wafer cone. The wafer is made in the store and we recommend you to try it. You can also buy a box to take home with you. The 1/2 kg costs 190 EGP and the 1 kg costs 390 EGP.

We have tried most of the flavors at Il Gelato Di Lialina and summed up below our favorite ones (you can add the flavors and items you like to your wishlist from their profile page):

Malaga Gelato Cone (Scoop)Mastica Mastic

Gianduia Milk-based Gelato with hazelnut and chocolate

Dark Chocolate For dark chocolate lovers


Lemon Sorbet Great for digestion and after seafood meals


Stracciatella Milk-based Gelato with shavings of chocolate

Menta e Cioccolato Mint with chocolate Gelato. Not everyone likes After Eights, but if you do, then you will really like this flavor


Malaga Milk-based Gelato with Marsala wine and sultana grapes


Note: Il Gelato Di Lialina is looking to start franchising in Cairo, for more information contact Mrs. Sara on 01285578819.

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Restaurant Review

Il Gelato Di Lialina LogoIl Gelato Di Lialina

Service Rating   

The place has a nice decor and a cozy atmosphere. It is also clean and the staff are helpful and knowledgable about what they are serving.


Phone Number: 01274446237 , 01212598884

Features: Outdoor – Outlet


El Gouna

Downtown (next to Ceviche)

Ext: 33042

Working Hours: 12 pm to 12 am (opens at 1:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday during winter)


Abu Tig Marina (under Chez Chantal)

 Tel: 01210769797

Working Hours: 12 pm to 12 am (opens at 1:30 pm during winter)


Sahl Hasheesh

Old Town Sahl Hasheesh (next to Il Gusto)

Tel: 01287200070

Working Hours: 12 pm to 10:30 pm (till 12 am during holidays)

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