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Guide to Buying & Cooking Fish & Seafood

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We are currently in the best season for fish. Some of the most popular types are in season, such as the Grey Mullet “Boury”, Sea Bass “Arouse”, Red Mullet and “Barbouny.” The season starts in September and ends in February (basically all months that end with an “r” in Arabic). The fish tastes better because they don’t eat during winter and you will probably find roe “Batarekh” in it. However; if you don’t like roe, buy fish that doesn’t have it, because fish without roe, tastes even better.

Fish Market is a restaurant and a shop owned and managed by a family from Alexandria. They sell raw fish & seafood, which comes on a daily basis from the Mediterranean.

Buying or ordering fish is not an easy task, since that one needs to have some knowledge and certain skills in order to buy the perfect fish. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have those skills, but it is perfectly fine. Here, we will offer the best tips and tricks to make you an expert in eating and buying fish and seafood.

Here are the top items at Fish Market and recommendations on how to cook them:

Baby Calamari - Fish MarketBaby Calamari

180 EGP/kg

It comes fresh from the Red Sea. Baby Calamari is more tender than regular calamari. It can be fried, grilled, or cooked in the oven “Tagine”.



Sea Bass - Fish MarketSea Bass “Arouse”

220 EGP/kg

It comes from the Mediterranean sea and is available all year long, but the best season for the Sea bass is from September to February and the best size is 900 g to 1.2 kg per fish. It is the best fish to be baked in sea salt. This is a very popular dish in Italy and Spain and don’t worry the fish doesn’t come out salty at all.

Jumbo ShrimpsJumbo Shrimps - Fish Market

690 EGP/kg

It comes from the Mediterranean sea and it is available all year long.



 Grey Mullet - Fish MarketGrey Mullet “Boury”

 89 EGP/kg

It comes from the Mediterranean sea and is available all year long, but the best season for the Grey Mullet is from September to February. Grey Mullet with roe is called Tobarah.

The best size for Boury is around 250 g per fish and it is preferred to have it grilled with wheat bran “Radah.” Bigger fish (around 500 g) could be cooked in the oven with olive oil, lemon, potatoes, peppers, and other vegetables “Sengary.”

Crab DifferenceCrabs

220 EGP/kg

The crabs at Fish Market are either from the Mediterranean or the Red Sea. The best crabs in Egypt are the ones from Suez and it is best to have them grilled. Crabs filled with roe “Batarekh” are found during the full moon time. Female crabs taste better than male crabs. The difference between the female and male crab is shown in the picture.

Red Mullet - Fish MarketRed Mullet “Barbouny”

180 EGP/kg

It is a Mediterranean Sea fish and the best season for it is from September to February. It is best served fried and you can probably get 12-15 fish per kilo. The best way to know if a red mullet is fresh is by making sure that the gills are still red.


Sea Bream - Fish MarketSea Bream “Denise”

200 EGP/kg

Unlike other fish, the Sea bream is good all year long. It comes from the Mediterranean sea and its best size is around 250-300 g per fish. It can be grilled with wheat bran “Radah” or cooked in the oven with olive oil and lemon or potatoes, peppers and other vegetables “Sengary”.

Clams - Fish MarketClams

220 EGP/kg

It comes from the Mediterranean sea and it is great when cooked with pasta or butter and herbs. Available all year long.




Grouper “Wakar”

280 EGP/kg

Delivered from the Mediterranean sea. A Grouper caught from the Mediterranean is called “Balady” and it has the best taste. It has 3 stripes on its head and it is sometimes called Meya w Hedashar, which means 111. The fried Wakar fish fillet is great especially when complemented with tartar sauce. The head and tail are primary ingredients for making a soup. We recommend you to order this fish with a minimum weight of 4 kg, as its head is almost 50% of its weight.

Note: Female fish taste better than male. All fish should be cleaned by scraping off the scales or removing the skin. The tail and entrails should be removed as well and the gills should be cleaned. Normally, the fishmonger should do all the cleaning for you. If it is going to be grilled or cooked in the oven, it’s better to keep it unopened. However, it is recommended to be cut into pieces if it will be fried.

We always prefer grilling or baking the fish in the oven without opening it to add other ingredients. This way the fish doesn’t lose its taste.

Don’t forget to rate any dishes or grocery items you have tried, so you can help others choose what to eat and buy 🙂


Store Review

Fish Market LogoFish Market

Store Rating   

The owners of Fish Market are honest people and that is hard to find. Some suppliers give you old fish, or even a different fish than the one you ordered, such as Tilapia “Bolty” which is cheaper because it is from the Nile. They can also remove the fish roe “Batarekh” and you won’t notice. We pretended to be inexperienced to make sure that they will not take advantage of that.

Dress Code: Casual

Address: Downtown – El Gouna (next to Ebaid Supermarket)

Phone Number: 01224946481 , 01270070111 – ext: 32268

Working Hours: 9 am – 12 am

Features: Alcohol – Delivery – Heating – Outdoor – Wi-Fi – TV

Delivers To: El Gouna

Delivery Charge: 30 EGP

Delivery Time: 30 minutes

If there are dishes or grocery items in Egypt you would like us to review just send us a message or an email on and we will try our best to go and review it.

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