For Businesses

Our main goal is to assist people, and this doesn’t just include the customers. We also want to help the restaurants and stores promote their products and improve their quality and service. We provide two services (both are free of charge):


RevueSpot is a platform where users can review and discover dishes and grocery items from around Egypt. Restaurants and grocery stores can display and promote their products on our website and get feedback from the reviews users leave on their products and store or restaurant. Send us an email on if you would like to add your products on RevueSpot.

RevueSpot Guide

The RevueSpot Guide is a credible food & grocery guide, through the reviews of professional food inspectors. We only write articles about the food and groceries we like. If we found a place we did not like, we try to contact the owner or manager and give them our feedback, so that they can improve.

Send us an email on if you would like us to inspect your place for the first time or if you think you had improved from the last time we visited.

The main criteria we are looking for are the following:

1. Creativity

2. Local ingredients

3. Seasonal ingredients

4. Fresh ingredients

5. Dish to be cooked according to standards (e.g. pastas to be cooked al dente)

6. Dish to be cooked according to customer’s request


Note: The dish doesn’t have to meet all of the following criteria, as we know some ingredients are not available. However; the more criteria you can meet the more we like your dish. Most importantly it has to be TASTY!!