RevueSpot is a platform, which allows users not only to review and compare restaurants and grocery stores, but also dishes and grocery items from different stores (e.g. supermarkets, delis, organic stores, food markets, butchers, farms, etc.). You can also find all the dishes and grocery items we have reviewed from the RevueSpot Guide on our platform. A review on the dish or grocery item focuses just on the quality, tastiness and price, while a review on the store or restaurant focuses on the service and atmosphere the restaurant or store. Please note that we do not provide all the dishes and grocery items at the restaurants and stores.

RevueSpot Guide

The RevueSpot Guide is a credible food & grocery guide, through the reviews of professional food inspectors. It is a comprehensive modern-day Michelin guide, where all types of restaurants & stores are reviewed and not just fine dining. Our inspectors will review dishes and grocery items in Egypt and give you tips and information about the food or item being reviewed, so you can become a gourmet. You can also rate and review all the dishes & groceries we have tried on our website.

Our inspectors get the same quality and service an ordinary customer would get. We pay for the food instead of getting it for free, so that the owners and staff at the outlets we review have no idea we are reviewing them. That is what differentiates us from other food guides and blogs.

Inspectors at RevueSpot have great knowledge about food, experience in F&B industry and a palate that can recognize ingredients, preparations and techniques.