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For example: if you are craving for a steak, looking for a specific chocolate, or looking for ideas on what to eat or buy. You can find the top rated steak, where to find that chocolate if it is available and the top rated items around El Gouna or at a specific restaurant or store

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Try the dishes and groceries you found. You can find more information on the item and where to find it on the item's page, information on the restaurant or store is available on the outlet's profile. You can add the items you like to your Wish List, so you don’t forget what you want to buy or eat

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Guide to buying Fish & Seafood Cover Photo

Guide to Buying & Cooking Fish & Seafood

We are currently in the best season for fish. Some of the most popular types are in season, such as the Grey Mullet “Boury”, Sea Bass “Arouse”, Red Mullet and “Barbouny.” The season starts in September and ends in February (basically all months that end with an “r” in Arabic). The fish tastes better because they […]

Tandoor, El Gouna

Tandoor’s Top 10 Dishes

Most of us enjoy Indian cuisine in winter. There is nothing better than hot dishes with Indian spices to keep us warm during winter and if you are fan of spicy food, then that will keep you even warmer. Tandoor serves North Indian cuisine, by Chef Vijay Singh from New Delhi. The restaurant is part of the Dine […]

Il Gelato Fridge

Il Gelato Di Lialina: Gelato & Ice Cream Are Not the Same Thing

Even though Gelato is the Italian word for “ice cream”, there is a difference between the two. Gelato is denser than ice cream, since it is churned (moved around vigorously) at a slower speed. There is more milk, less cream and eggs (or no eggs) in Gelato. It is also silkier and softer than ice […]

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